How Evil Can Some Health Insurance Companies Get?

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Blue Shield Sucks

The answer is VERY EVIL!  So do any of you need more proof of just how corrupt health insurances company can be?  Do you still think that the health insurance system doesn’t need any reform?  Just in case the answer is yes to at least one of the aforementioned questions, perhaps the following news story will  help you to put it all into perspective.  This is what happens to thousands of people every year by their insurance companies.


Health Insurance Companies Are the Real Victims!

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I’m not sure why I haven’t heard anyone speak out to defend the real victims of health care reform—the insurance companies!   As the debate on health care progress at a snail’s version of break-neck speed, please do not forget who are the one that are really suffering the most from our broken system—that’s right—the insurance companies!  I am so glad that I came across this wonderful public service announcement that has been done on their behalf.  Spread this video to as many people as you can!  The message of how the government plans to destroy the wonderful health care system we currently have here in the United States needs to be heard!  Stop these socialist, Marxist, liberal, fascist, communist, post-modernist, anti-Jesus, baby-killing, anti-FOX NEWS thugs from taking away the insurance companies right to run the health care system as they see fit.  The United States is ranked 37th in the world based on the World Health Organization’s ranking on world health care systems (right under Costa Rica) and we should be darn proud of it!  Now be a good sport and continue paying for insurance executives to live the life of bliss that they deserve. 🙂


Tea Anyone? (They laced it with ignorance)

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Bad Tea

Here is an example of what happens when people ascribe to political beliefs using faith and not sound logic.  Why do some people feel that it isn’t their responsibility to make sure that they understand the issues that they fight for?  I honor a person’s right to believe what he wants and to stand up for said belief, however, personal and intellectual integrity is compromised when one tries to assert or convince others of a position that he himself does not understand.  Stop drinking the tea people!  It’s laced with ignorance!

Ok…I’m Back…For REAL This Time!!!

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Ok…I am back.  I’m serious this time.  I had to take another long vacation from this site to focus on a few other projects BUT  I am really back this time (yes, really) and I have  whole LOT of things to say so stay tuned…

Porn-Artgraphy? (Part 1)

•April 12, 2009 • 2 Comments

Lori Harfenist, the host of a web show entitled “The Resident,” recently had a clip on “Russia Today” in which she asked random people in New York a very interesting question…”Where is the line between art and pornography?”  Yes, this is a question that has been debated over and over in every corner of Western culture, but it seems that the answer to this question constantly changes as time progresses.

Watch the clip posted below to see the interview.  I would love to know your answer to the question or your opinion on the topic.  I love a good discussion about controversial issues but I will reserve my comments about the topic for right now.  Rest assured that I will post my thoughts in a later blog post, but in the meantime, please comment away…

Pat Buchanan Gets What’s Coming to Him!

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE a good debate, especially one about important social issues Now watch my new hero Lawrence O’Donnell annihilate the pompous and arrogant Pat Buchanan! Get your popcorn and Milk Duds, pull up a seat and ENJOY!  😉 


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Did you miss me? I sure missed you!!

I had to take a brief sabbatical from the blogosphere and unplug from the matrix a bit but I am back now and I am ready to be your beacon of light again! lol Man oh man, so much has happened since my last blog and I won’t dare to even attempt to go back in time to resurrect old events just for the sake of “catch-up” commentary, but I do plan to blog on a more consistent basis from now on so please feel free to stop by everyday to see what’s new in the matrix!